Constructing safety management software for radioactive chemicals and emulate how to handle unsafe situations on 3D maps


  • Building a 3D digital map database of business establishments, manufacturing chemicals and radioactive materials on nationwide scale which is full, unified, centralized, and shareable.
  • Programming and building tools (modules) that allow updating, displaying, looking up, outputting information and synthesizing and making reports according to the forms required by managers.
  • Supporting management both of geographical location and attribute information (facility name, address, list of currently stored chemicals, reserves of each type, ...) of each business and manufacturing on 3D map background. Building tools to support warnings and forecasts, and create and simulate 3D situations and incidents of chemicals that may occur (explosion, collapse, chemical leakage, toxic radiation, etc.) ...) in order to coordinate, synergize between forces, handle situations quickly and promptly to minimize damage to people and property. 


1. Making Map Database

  •  Create database and edit 2D maps: ArcGIS Desktop 10.0
  • Create and present 3D maps: Skyline 

2. Programming

  •  Programming language: Visual Studio C#
  • Using development support platform of ESRI (ArcGIS Engine) and TerraExplorer Pro of Skyline.

3. Data management system: Microsoft SQL Server 2008.    


Some main functions

Chemical and radiation safety management software



Some interfaces of the software



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