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Scientific research topics participated

  • Research to establish 3D city map on Web based with GIS technology.
  • Research to develop tools for assessing and predicting displacement of hydropower dams Applying AI models used for dam safety management in Vietnam
  • Research and apply remote sensing technology in detecting and evaluating the morphology and scale of field fortifications
  • Some approaches to clustering data using fuzzy sets of type 2 and applications
  • Research on the application of spectral clustering in satellite image classification.
  • Application study of Fuzzy Logic in semi-surveillance classification on LANDSAT multi-spectral satellite imagery. Role: Manager
  • Research and apply GIS and remote sensing technology in impact assessment of natural and social factors on land use.
  • Building software for managing lecture halls at Military Technical Academy using 3D GIS technology
  • Apply thermal infrared remote sensing image to determine surface temperature and soil moisture for drought monitoring
  • Research and propose solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the field of brick, tile and ceramic production
  • Application of remote sensing technology to study surface temperature and soil moisture
  • Researching high-performance computing system based on GPU and applying to big data image processing problem

Published scientific works

  • D.S Mai, L.T Ngo, L.H Trinh. Approach the interval type-2 fuzzy system and PSO technique in landcover classification. The 12th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems (ACIIDS), Springer LNCS, Vol. 12034, pp. 402-414.

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  • D.S Mai, L.T Ngo, L.H Trinh. Advanced Semi-supervised Possibilistic Fuzzy C-means Clustering using Spatial-Spectral distance for Land-cover Classification. The IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Japan, pp.4375-4380.

  • D.S Mai, L.T Ngo. Semi-supervised method with spatial weights based Possibilistic fuzzy C-means clustering for Land-cover Classification. The 6th NAFOSTED Conference on Information and Computer Science (NICS), IEEE, pp.406-411.

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