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Smart Camera Project

  • Developing Smart Camera system: Detecting and recognizing face automaticly. Detecting foreign objects entering the restricted area and issuing an alert. Detecting abnormal movements, detecting foreign objects. Monitoring prohibited and sensitive areas.
  • Deploying at offices, offices, public areas, schools, hospitals, etc.

Smart Parking Project 

  • Implementing a monitoring system for parking lots in commercial centers, offices, apartment buildings, and hospitals. Ensuring absolute safety supervision of vehicles and people. Automatic number plate recognition technology, ensuring high accuracy. Savings in management and operation as well as in parking problems in commercial centers.
  • Deploying at offices, offices, commercial centers, schools, hospitals, etc.

Petrolimex Petroleum Supervision and Management Project

  • Deploying a monitoring system for all petrol stations of Petrolimex. Managing online, real-time business situation, fuel volume at stores. Using Japanese tank monitoring technology: optimizing the amount of gasoline stored at the stores, managing the amount of gasoline left in stock and the process of sinking the tank at the gas stations.
  • Deploying at Petrolimex Petroleum Corporation

Lake Management and Regulatory Project

  • Deploying the operation and regulation system of reservoirs for the Central region - Tay Nguyen. The management system is based on Argis digital map technology. Monitoring water levels in lakes, provide lake regulation scenarios, provide flood warning models, and build flood warning 3D models.


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